Cookie Studio was asked to create all the Opening Titles for the festival, where hundreds of designers and animators gathered for the annual bash in Sao Paulo. 

In true Cookie spirit, our Opening Title was all about collaboration. With this in mind we decided to give the chance to everyone at the studio and few friends to show off their skills and go creatively crazy. Each designer was free to create one sequence in a style and concept of their choosing, without knowing what the others were working on. Once put together, the result was a stylistically and creatively diverse sequence of titles.

Studio : Cookie Studio

Role: Creative DIrector, Director, Character Designer, Art director, Designer and Illustrator for our part. Collab with Aleksander Saharovsky.

Artists : Marcos Savignano, Simon Graham, Marcos Fernandes, Alex Magnieto, Aleksander Saharovsky, Stip , Norte Estudio, Pierre Plouzeau & Thiago Maia